7th Dragon III UE72 Unfinished Yuma

7th Dragon III UE72 Unfinished is one of the official Novels.


The human race barely victorious to the battle with the true dragon that hit the UE calendar 72 years - the year 2021 was going forward to the reconstruction although insufficient after the date of over 70 years.

Ikura Yoshimune, Rucier tribe belonging to the International Federation of the International Defense Force (ISDF) Far Eastern Fleet, the forefront of Mamonism, was appointed from the Fleet Admiral Yoritomo to `` live anti-dragon weapon, 'Yuuma' . Yuma and Yuuma who repeatedly conduct guidance and training and deepen their ties, but "the resurrection of the true dragons · formal hout" is reported to the two people ... ....

Strategy Objective: Reinfining the true dragon · Fomalhaut.

Carlo Zen spun, Shirow Miwa's coloring "7th Dragon III Code: VFD" the day before yesterday!

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