Agent A
A special operative that combines attacks using dual-wielded pistols and hacking tech. Agents keep a low profile, staying out of the spotlight for the sake of long-distance attacks, inflicting status ailments, manipulating enemies to attack each other with skilled hacking, and setting traps to toy with their foes.
— Website Description[1]

"An expert marksman and manipulative hacker", Agent is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, based on the present timeline and available from the start.


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『エージェント』紹介ムービー

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『エージェント』紹介ムービー


Agents are the fastest class in the game, combining the marksmanship of the Trickster and the hacking abilities of the Hacker from the previous games. They play a support role to the party, disrupting enemy lines with their hacking and making them more vulnerable to the rest of the team's abilities. Their gun skills are no slouch, either, doing aerial damage which does bonus damage to flying enemies which the party is likely to encounter. Having an Agent around greatly helps with the party's stamina during a long dungeon trek, though their low LF and MN caps their capability in boss battles.


If there's anything you'd be using the Hack skill tree for, it's for the scapegoat.exe skill that replenishes the party's MN. Even at level 1, scapegoat.exe does enough damage to cleanly eliminate an enemy and restores enough MN to keep the party fresh, so there is very little reason to invest in Hack and its related skills, especially when bosses are highly resistant or outright immune to it. You may consider investment in Quick Hack to easily refill MN without spending turns trying to Hack enemies.

Instead, invest in Gun skills and Assassin's React to improve the Agent's performance during boss fights. Of the Gun skills, Aiming Shot is good for sniping Rabi enemies without worrying about their high evasion. Air Assault lets them quickly clear random encounters, but the most important skill is Rush Shot, a multi-hit skill that is invaluable on single targets. Assassin's React grants the Agent extra turns whenever they land critical hits, so combine it with Hide and Killer Bands to boost the Agent's critical rate through the roof. Until you unlock Rush Shot, the Agent can easily chain critical hits with their basic attack alone, as it delivers two hits, increasing the probability of an extra turn.

It never hurts to invest in LIFE and MANA bonus to remedy the Agent's low base LF and MN.

In inactive parties, the Agent has one of the fastest support charge rates, allowing them to easily dispense Buddy skills through the course of a fight to break enemy buffs. This skill has a chance of inflicting freeze, burn, or hack weakness in addition to doing damage.


1st TierEdit

  • LIFE Bonus: Bonus to max LF.
  • MANA Bonus: Bonus to max MN.
  • Bush Trap: Counter enemy attacks with aerial attacks, may cause Null Action. Usable only while Hiding.
  • Jump Shot: Aerial attack at turn start. 2 turns.
  • Aiming Shot: Medium accurate aerial attack to one target.
  • Knee Break: Aerial damage to one target, may stun. Instant.
  • madstrife.exe: Make hacked enemies attack their allies. Instant.
  • scapegoat.exe: Medium dmg to one hacked enemy. Restores party MN.
  • TROY:Fire: Places a 3-turn debuff on one target that reduces hack resistance and follows up allied fire attacks, with a chance to burn.
  • TROY:Ice: Places a 3-turn debuff on one target that reduces hack resistance and follows up allied ice attacks, with a chance to freeze.
  • Hack: Attempt to inflict hack on all enemies. Hack lasts 2 turns.
  • Withdraw: High chance of escaping the battle. Instant.
  • Trick Hand: Improve the effects of healing items for 5 turns.
  • Hide: Reduce enmity, increase evasion and crit rate for 5 turns.
  • Quick Hack: Auto. Attempts to hack one random enemy at the start of the battle, while restoring the Agent's MN.

2nd TierEdit

  • Air Assault: Aerial damage to all enemies. Instant.
  • lostpower.exe: High damage to all hacked enemies, and reduces their ATK/DEF/MAT/MDF for 3 turns. Instant.
  • Surprise Hunt: Auto. Increases preemptive rate.
  • Cheetah Burst: Auto. Chance of granting all allies increased turn speed next turn.
  • Assassin's React: For the next 6 turns, the Agent gets a bonus turn after landing a critical hit.

3rd TierEdit

  • Rush Shot: 4 aerial attacks to one target.
  • sleepmode.exe: Attempts to put all enemies to sleep for 3 turns. Guaranteed sleep on hacked enemies.
  • Indra's Flames: EX skill - Massive damage to all targets, high chance of hacking.

Additional Information Edit

  • The official names of the Agent class members are Jet (Male A), Romeo (Male B), Mei (Female A), and Akko (Female B)



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