Ally Nodens

Allie is a main character in the 7th Dragon III Code:VFD.


Japanese Name: アリー (Arī)

Other Names: 2nd True Dragon ND

Age: Unknown

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Purple

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Status: Deceased (First World), Uknown (rebuilt world)

Cause of death: Killed by Unit 13

Japanese Seiyū:

3DS: Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城・みゆき)

Drama CD: Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城・みゆき)

First Appearance: 7th Dragon (as ND)

Last Appearance: Nyadens Crisis!

Appears InEdit

7th Dragon (as ND)

7th Dragon III Code: VFD

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Drama CD

セブンスドラゴンIII code:VFD ドラマCD冒頭6分試聴


Allie is the CEO of Noden Enterprises.

As CEO, she is a person with a friendly disposition, and has a unique way of speaking with others. Her sentences usually end with a star, and always comes off as friendly, even in dire times.

She is also excellent in determination the power of others, as she is the one who has seen Yaiba (as well as Unit 13's) "Dragon Hunter" abilities. She pushes forward the initiative to advance the anti-dragon plan "Code: VFD". No one knows her true identity.

Second True Dragon NodensEdit

Massive Spoilers for the plot of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD ahead.

Allie’s true identity is known as Mother Dragon - ND. She also appears as a hidden boss of the first game "7th Dragon", which was released only in Japan for the Nintendo DS.

As soon as she shows her true self, she kills the side characters that have joined the player throughout the game (Ulania, Eigur, Salias, Brijit) and spreads the Dragon Sickness disease across the earth, killing all living organisms except Unit 13, Mio, Julietta, and Dr. Nagumo. Her ultimate goal was to have Unit 13 kill her for the birth of the Seventh True Dragon, VFD. For that reason, she kept the Present Dragonslayers in her grasp, under the guises of Chika and Rika. After a fierce battle at Chidorigafuchi, Ally disappears into Dragonsbane petals, while rejoicing the completion of "Code: VFD".

In the rebuilt world, she may not exist because information about the Dragons was left out of the rebuild. Nagamimi does state that there is a possibility Ally does exist, but tells Unit 13 to forget about it. However in a DLC available to be purchased, she is revived, and is located at the Parliament Building, and grants Unit 13 a chance to do a boss run.

Her dedicated battle BGM is: Tokyo "Re: Vanishment".

Additional Information Edit

  • She was in one of the previous games as ND and was a secret boss in 7th Dragon
  • Along with Iod, she created the Dragon Sickness
  • She is supposedly the mother dragon






Killed with Dragon Sickness:




Professor Nagumo

  • Multiple Civilians
  • The cats at the café


"Nodens Enterprises is worth...50 billion US dollars. Maybe you can save up your money and buy it from me someday!" Third Date

"What a great idea!" Third Date

"Do you like flowers, everyone?" Chapter 6

"This company would get a bad reputation if I got arrested for sexual harassment..."

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