Vanisher A
They wield massive armored polearms that are half-spear, half-mortar. Heavy attackers and heavily armored, their LIFE and physical prowess are unparalleled. Their attacks use explosive bombs which pack a wallop, but needs to be reloaded if overused. Finding the perfect time to unleash their explosives is crucial to their success.
— Website Description[1]

"A destructive bombardier with a knack for demolition", Banisher (also known as Vanisher in the Japanese version) is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and based on the future timeline.


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『バニッシャー』紹介ムービー

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『バニッシャー』紹介ムービー


The Banisher is one of the strongest physical attackers in the game, but their low speed causes them to often be one of the last combatants to move each turn. They enter battle with a stock of bombs, an additional resource consumed for some of their stronger attacks. Should they run out of bombs, they either have to spend turns reloading or make do with their less powerful lance attacks.

Due to the Dragon-infested status of their homeworld Eden, the Banishers have developed a knack for defeating Dragons, boasting skills that do increased damage to them. For this reason, they are a great addition to any party venturing into a boss fight.


Focus on maxing out Bomb Bonus and occasionally Reload, so that the Banisher spends fewer turns preparing for their strongest attacks. Dragon Buster will be your first go-to for burst damage against Dragons, but be wary of Dragons that may be resistant to fire. Consider also investing in other cheaper skills so that the Banisher can still perform in protracted fights. Clap Trap is a reliable source of inflicting Burn which can reduce enemy stats and give you an advantage in battle.

When third tier skills are unlocked, go for Auto-Reload to save on turns replenishing bombs. Rush Lance is a reliable damage skill that doesn't consume bombs, while Earthquake is a devastating area attack skill that can easily end random encounters, especially if you have Bomb Bonus maxed out. Comet Spear is also incredibly powerful against Dragons with the drawback of your Banisher spending a turn inactive but invulnerable.

If you ever obtain the Retreat Ring from dating Julietta, definitely equip it to the Banisher. This will give them an immense speed bonus that overrides their biggest weakness, allowing them to move before enemies and crush random encounters with a single Earthquake. This, in fact, becomes a must for parties seeking to brave the perils of the Shadow Realm, where minor Dragons are aplenty and the sheer brute force of Earthquake needed to end battles in a fell swoop.

Recommended party members:

  • Anyone capable of inflicting fire damage will benefit greatly from Bomb Scatter. Duelists in particular can synergize with their Volcano Field skill to further increase fire damage.
  • If all enemies are hacked, Agents can use madstrife.exe to cause them to ignore the party, paving the way for Banishers to wreak havoc on them unimpeded.


1st TierEdit

  • LIFE Bonus: Bonus to max LF.
  • MANA Bonus: Bonus to max MN.
  • Bomb Bonus: Dictates initial and maximum bomb stock.
  • Clap Trap: 5x random fire attacks, may burn. Uses 1 bomb.
  • Burst Attack: 3x fire attacks to one enemy, may burn. Uses 1 bomb.
  • Dragon Buster: Fire damage to all enemies, extra damage to dragons. Uses 5 bombs.
  • Javelin: Medium damage to one target. Damage varies greatly.
  • Over Spear: Medium damage to one target, may instantly kill.
  • Assault Spear: High damage to one target. Uses 2 bombs.
  • Deafening Roar: Reduces all enemies' ATK and DEF for 2 turns. Instant. Uses 1 bomb.
  • Smokescreen: Attempts to blind all enemies for 4 turns. Uses 1 bomb.
  • Bomb Scatter: Increases the party's fire damage and burn rate for 3 turns. Uses 1 bomb.
  • Exterminate: Auto. At start of battle, may perform 3x random fire attacks.
  • War Cry: Auto. At start of battle, may increase ATK and DEF for 3 turns.
  • Reload: Replenishes used bombs.
  • Killing React: For 4 turns, the Banisher will get an extra turn upon killing an enemy.

3rd TierEdit

  • Carpet Bomb: High fire damage to all enemies, may burn. Uses 2 bombs.
  • Rush Spear: 5x random attacks.
  • Comet Spear: High damage to one random enemy after 2 turns, extra damage to dragons. Uses 6 bombs.
  • Earthquake: High damage to all enemies based on bombs consumed. Uses all bombs.
  • Auto-Reload: Auto. At turn's end, may regain 1 bomb.
  • Ultimate Lance: EX Skill - Massive fire damage to an enemy, may burn. Fully restores bomb stock.



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