Chika is an NPC in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. She is in charge of the construction and quests for Unit 13.

Information Edit

Japanese Name: チカ

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: N/A

Species: Dragonslayer

Status: Deceased (First world), Unknown (Rebuilt world)

Cause of Death: Killed by Unit 13 and Yuma

Japanese Seiyu: Ai Kayano

First Appearance: Chapter 0, Chapter 1 (Introduced)

Last Appearance: Chapter 6

Chapter 0 Edit

She is seen with Rika in the Conference Room, however, she is not introduced yet.

Chapter 1 Edit

Her and her sister, Rika, are introduced to Unit 13 by Nagamimi. Chika is the one in charge of giving Unit 13 quests and construction to do.

Chapter 6 Edit

The only major role Chika and Rika have is in Chapter 6. They are really reincarnations of Dragonslayers used to kill ND. Unit 13 hesitantly chooses to fight them. Chika and Rika are weakened from the fight, however, Unit 13 refuses to kill them. Yuma comes and finishes off the two, ripping their hearts out. Chika and Rika die and their Dragonslayers are revealed.

Dates Edit

Chika is a dating candidate who gives you a dual sword weapon. In order to date her you must complete all quests (excluding DLCs) and get her ID from the bento she gives you in the dormitory. Like all the dating candidates, in order to acquire the 3rd date you must upgrade the Skylounge to level 3.

Additional Information Edit

  • Her full name is Chika Tachibana
  • She is a reincarnation of a Dragonslayer

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