"H-He fainted while standing! Just what did he want to do?"~Nagamimi

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Code: Otaku! is a DLC quest in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. It gives you a new playable character, that being the Hacker from 2020's player model.

Quest Edit

The quest is submitted by Kazu, whose wanting to find a member of the legendary Unit 13. The current Unit 13 finds him in the Entrance Lobby where he wants them to go look for this girl in 7th Encount. Unit 13, along with Nagamimi, finds the girl in 7th Encount. The girl runs away from them, thus leading to Unit 13 having to go after her (along with some great quotes from Nagamimi). They eventually find her facing against a dragon and Unit 13 jumps in to save her. After the dragon is defeated, Nagamimi demands to know why the girl ran away and who she is. The girl tells her that she has amnesia, which she doesn't believe. Unit 13 then take the girl back to Kazu and he walks up to her, stating on how much he is a fan of her. He then faints while standing in front of everyone, mentally disturbing Nagamimi. Ally comes along and suggests the girl can fight with Unit 13. She also reveals the girl is skilled at dragon hunting and Unit 13 asks her if she wants to join them. The girl agrees in doing so and her character model is unlocked, thus ending the quest.

Quotes Edit

"Your looking at me as if I was some human pile of garbage."~Kazu

"What're you smoking?"~Nagamimi to Ally

"Let's forget about him-o."~Nagamimi

Characters Featured Edit


Female Hacker from 2020



Unit 13

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