"...What time period do you think you're living in?" ~ Nagamimi

Code: Student! is a DLC quest that unlocks the female Samurai in 7th Dragon 2020 as a playable character.


Quest Edit

The quest is submitted by Ichi on the Development Floor. He talks about how he saw a member of the legendary Unit 13 in 7th Encount. He wants the current Unit 13 to go find her so he can meet her. Unit 13 finds the girl in the entrance of the Skytower. Nagamimi identifies the girl as the Samurai Ichi wanted them to find. The Samurai notices Unit 13 then walks away. Nagamimi tells Unit 13 to go after her. Unit 13 chase after the girl until they find her standing against a dragon. Unit 13 fights and defeats the dragon then take the girl to Nodens after finding out she has amnesia. Ichi meets the Samurai then thanks Unit 13 for bringing her to him, saying that he won't need to kill himself anymore. Nagamimi then asks the girl if she has anywhere to stay. The girl shakes her head and Ally comes in, suggesting that the girl can join Unit 13. Nagamimi refuses Ally's suggestion, saying that the girl is a civilian and can't fight. Ally tells her that the girl is in fact a dragon hunter. Unit 13 offers the girl to join them, which she agrees to do so. The quest ends and the Samurai's character model is unlocked.

Characters Featured Edit

  • Unit 13
  • Ichi
  • Female Samurai in 2020
  • Nagamimi
  • Ally

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