Dating is one of the side activities in the game. It is a way to get weapons and equipment for Unit 13.

Requirements Edit

You must build the Skylounge as well as upgrade it in order to get dates. You must also get the bentos in your dorm the your teammates leave you. In addition, you must complete certain quests to unlock IDs of the dating candidates.

List Of Dating Candidates: Edit




Mio Nagumo


Tougo Yoritomo





Blaster Raven



Third Date Edit

On the third date, Unit 13 and whoever you're dating spend the night having a moment of pleasure together. Afterwards, the dating candidate gives you a weapon or equipment which is quite powerful.

List of Equipment Edit

Ally: Prince Bracer (equipment)

Julietta: Retreat Ring (equipment)

Nagamimi: Volume EX (Duelist Weapon)

Mio: Mind Booster (equipment)

Yuma: Holy Gyorgear

Yoritomo: Shining Ring (equipment)

Brijilt: Valiant Mk.III (Banisher Weapon)

Sailas: Cage of Hearts (Mage Weapon)

Chika: Chiru+Saku (Samurai Dual Weapon)

Rika: Amanotsurugi (Samurai Single Weapon)

Blaster Raven: Mio Gauntlet (God-Hand Weapon)

Ulania: Ixchel (Fortuner Weapon)

Eigur: Nynal Knife (Rune-Knight Weapon)

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