The Dragonslayer is a weapon that appears in the 7th Dragon series.


The Dragonslayer is the only way to kill a True Dragon and it can only be wielded by Unit 13. It first appeared in 7th Dragon, however, it became more major in 7th Dragon 2020.

Appears In Edit

7th Dragon

7th Dragon 2020

7th Dragon 2020-II

7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Additional Information Edit

  • The Dragonslayer used to kill Emel was the same one used to kill Fomalhaut.
  • Dragonslayers can be reincarnated into a human form, as shown with Chika and Rika.
  • Chiruhime and Sakuhime, the Dragonslayers used to kill ND, appeared in 7th Dragon.