Emel is a returning character in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and the sister of Aytel.

Information Edit

Japanese Name: エメル (Emeru)

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Red

Age: Unknown

Species: Hypnos (formerly), Dragon (currently)

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Killed by Unit 13


Aytel (sister)

Nagiri (Adopted daughter)

Japanese Seiyu: Yukari Tamura (田村・ゆかり)

First Appearance: 7th Dragon

Last Appearance: Chapter 5 of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD

Appears InEdit

7th Dragon

7th Dragon 2020

7th Dragon 2020-II

7th Dragon III Code: VFD

7th Dragon 2020 & 2020-II Drama CD Tokyo Chronicle

Chapter 4 Edit

Unit 13 first encounters Emel in a guild hall located in Kazan along with Sailas, Brijilt, and Nagiri. She is later revealed to be searching for her sister and Hypnos counterpart, Aytel, and accompanies Unit 13 and the others into the Ladyin Ruins. Emel eventually finds her sister, but Aytel refuses to join her. When Unit 13 goes to kill the High Dragon, Mayhem Fossil, Emel goes up ahead to kill Haze, stating all dragons must die.

4th True Dragon, Hypnos and Chapter 5 Edit

While fighting Haze, Emel's hatred towards dragons grows, and she says that she'll kill all dragons. Aytel begs her to stop as she is fading away from the hatred coming from her sister. It's revealed that Emel is turning into the 4th True Dragon, Hypnos and had went to Preloma. Unit 13, Sailas, Brijilt, and Yuma head to Preloma to find corpses of dragons that Emel had killed. Yuma goes alone to find Emel, and challenges to fight her again. When Unit 13 finds Emel and Yuma, Yuma gets the Dragonslayer that Emel stole and plans to kill her. Emel tries to stab Yuma with her sword, but Aytel gets in the way. Aytel says goodbye to her sister and fades away. Emel screams then turns into the True Dragon. Unit 13 is forced to kill Hypnos, which she accepts for she has lived too long anyway. Unit 13 defeats Hypnos and gets her specimen. Before she dies, Emel is relieved that everything is over and joins her sister's spirit.

Chapter 7 Edit

In Grateful Seventh, Emel and Aytel's spirit briefly appears, agreeing with Unit 13's option. It's unknown what happened to the Hypnos sisters in the rebuilt world, but since dragons were excluded, it's most likely their existence were erased like Ally's and Yuma's were.

Shadow RealmEdit

An illusionary version of Hypnos appears, known as Shadow Agni. She is one of the bosses that Unit 13 encounters in the Shadow Realm.


•Solitary Sword: Hypnos uses this attack that causes mulitple hits to your party, can range from 20-35 damage or less, depending on equipment and levels. May cause Bleed effect,

•Decuple Blades: An attack that causes damage ranging from 100-200 damage, may cause Instakill. One party member is effected.

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Additional Info Edit

  • Emel and Aytel both were in the previous games, 7th Dragon, 7th Dragon 2020, and 7th Dragon 2020-II