Fortuner A

"Masters of the zodiac of war. These reapers wield scythes, and manipulate the shadow of death to create various effects on the field. They can inflict insidious status ailments on their foes, and follow up with lethal damage to enemies they’ve impaired. However, their low defense and LIFE make them fragile units, so exercise caution."

— Website Description[1]

"An astrologer of the battlefield", Fortuner is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, based on the past timeline and available from Chapter 2 after reaching Lower Ward Cladeon.


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『フォーチュナー』紹介ムービー01:09

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『フォーチュナー』紹介ムービー


Fortuner is a mage like class with very low defenses and LIFE. They're gifted with very valuable party support skills and status ailments spells. This is one of the most multi-tasking class because it can deal massive magic damage along with bad status ailments while draining the enemy to recover own LIFE, boost party's defenses and recover everyone MN and LF in the same time. Fortuners are great but pretty much vulnerable to everything meaning they need other character's help to stay alive.  


  • Revelation: Sleep Damage/Sleep: one. Mana cost: 3
  • Revelation: Bleed Damage/Bleed: one. Mana cost: 3
  • Revelation: Blind Damage/Blind: one. Mana cost: 8
  • Revelation: Poison Damage/Poison: one. Mana cost: 6
  • Revelation: Curse Damage/Curse: one. Mana cost: 14
  • Revelation: Death Damage/Instakill: one. Mana cost: 10
  • Oracle of Spirit: Drain any with Sleep/Curse/Blind/Paralyze/Downer. Mana cost: 3
  • Oracle of Power: Drain any with Bleed/Poison/Burn/Freeze. Mana cost: 3
  • Gift For You: Transfer own ailments to one enemy. Mana cost: 0
  • Sacrifice: High damage: all. User is lost from battle. Mana cost: 45
  • Dynamic Negate: Physical damage taken . 3 turns. Instant. Mana cost: 3
  • Magic Negate: Magic damage taken . 3 turns. Instant. Mana cost: 4
  • Ichor: At turn end, revive all fallen allies. Mana cost: 10
  • Mana Float: Skills do not consume MN this turn: all allies. Mana cost: 8
  • Forest Poetry: Restore LF: all allies. 4 turns. Mana cost:
  • Moonlight Poetry: Restore MN: all allies. 4 turns. Mana cost: 3
  • Grace of the Sun: Auto. Restore party MN at turn end. Mana cost: 0
  • Grace of the Moon: Auto. Cure ally ailments. Mana cost: 0
  • Grace of the Stars: Auto. 1.5x SP if victourious in 2 turns. Mana cost: 0
  • Following React: Chance of +1 turn if ally React triggers. 4 turns. Mana cost: 0
  • Yggdrasil's Wind: EX Skill. Revive/restore LF/cure: all allies. Mana cost: 30


Trivia Edit

  • Fortuner is a remade version of 7th Dragon first game's Princess class.
  • Female Fortuner A1 is a playable character in the 7th Dragon III demo.
    • She is under the name of Murmur


  1. Class: Fortuner 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. SEGA. February 2016.



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