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A martial artist that relies on hand-to-hand combat and medical skills. God Hands are aptly named, providing both healing succor and raw destruction with little but their hands. They also inflict “God Depth” on enemies with their abilities, letting them connect even stronger attacks, and can even strengthen their allies.
— Website Description[1]

"A combatant versed in martial and medicinal arts", God-Hand is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, based on the present timeline and available from the start.


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『ゴッドハンド』紹介ムービー

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『ゴッドハンド』紹介ムービー

Overview Edit

God-Hand focus mainly in dealing massive physical damage while they have average physical and magic defenses. They're expert in hand-to-hand combat and use fists or knuckles as weapons. Their attacks can inflict a special effect called G-Depth, which can grow up to G3 doing God-Hands being able to use more powerful skills. This class has medical and support skills too. God-Hand is a very strategic and reliable class. 

Strategy Edit

The God-Hand's main offensive output is dependent on stacking God-Depth on their enemies. They have no area attacks so they are best for fighting bosses. Because their MN pool is quite low and their offense and support combined can be draining on their MN reserves, it is recommended to invest in MANA Bonus to alleviate this.

The main offensive skills to invest in are Drill Crawler and Coup de Grace, which will become the bulk of the God-Hand's damage output. Jab and Front Punch are also good for setting up God-Depth; Jab has lower overall damage but places 2 God-Depth at full investment, immediately enabling the higher skills, while Front Punch has better damage and no G restriction at full investment. God React is also an invaluable skill as it grants extra turns when setting up God-Depth, allowing the God-Hand the flexibility to support the party or get extra damage in. God Charge offers a sizeable ATK boost and allows their normal attacks to inflict God-Depth. Double Hook and Spinning Edge offer decent support by debuffing enemies, though if you want to make the most of them quickly, a full investment in Jab is recommended.

While the God-Hand is indispensable in the early parts of the game due to the innate ability to heal, bear in mind that all of the God-Hand's healing skills are single-target, which pales in comparison to Rune-Knights, Mages, and Fortuners. This becomes more apparent when facing bosses with attacks that hit the entire party. The one edge they have over other healers is that their healing skills always have priority, allowing them to save someone from the brink of death.

In inactive parties, the God-Hand plays a vital support role, as their support skill will heal the active party without expending any resources - perfect for boss fights. Their Buddy skill is less useful, doing damage and healing only one party member.

Suggested party members:

  • Mage is absolutely God-Hand's best friend when God-Hand is a tank. Mage can cure God-Hand while they are countering, they can remove their status ailments and cast some useful elemental veils on them.
  • A supportive God-Hand pairs well with a tank-oriented Rune-Knight. While the Rune Knight draws attacks to themselves and take a brunt of the attacks, the God-Hand can quickly heal them back up before the enemy acts again. Landing Double Hook on enemies also reduces the damage the Rune Knight will take, reducing the number of turns spent healing, and DEF Acupressure can reduce the probability of the Rune Knight dying unexpectedly.

Skills Edit

1st TierEdit

  • Jab: Dmg + 1G: one. instant.
  • Front Punch: G1. Medium dmg: one.
  • Quartetto: G2. Dmg based on enemy G. Resets enemy G.
  • Double Hook: G2. High dmg. ATK/MAT : one.
  • Spinning Edge: G2. High dmg. DEF/MDF : one.
  • Ambush Stance: Counter stance/Enmity ↑.
  • Anti-Ailment: Prevent ailments/Counter stance/Enmity ↑.
  • Chiropractic: Restore LF: one ally. Instant.
  • Detox: Cure Poison/Blind/Paralysis: one ally.
  • CPR: Revive a fallen ally.
  • God Charge: 100% G inflict, ATK ↑. 4 turns.

2nd TierEdit

  • Drill Crawler: G3. Very high dmg: one. Restore own LF.
  • ATK Acupressure: ATK/MAT ↑: one ally. 6 turns.
  • DEF Acupressure: DEF/MDEF/ailment resist ↑: one ally. 6 turns.
  • SPD Acupressure: SPD/EVD ↑: one ally. 6 turns.
  • Pre-emptive God: Auto. Attack/inflict 1G at battle start: all.
  • God React: Chance of +1 turn after inflicting G. 4 turns.

3rd TierEdit

  • Coup De Grace: G3. Very high dmg: one.
  • The Final Flame: Auto. May survive/restore LF, even after LF is 0.
  • Stardust Press: Auto. May counter at turn end after taking dmg.
  • Earth Breaker: EX Skill. Massive dmg/Null Action: one.


Trivia Edit

  • The God-Hand class is a reincarnation of 7th Dragon 2020 and 2020-II's Destroyer class with added medical and support skills.
  • Female God-Hand A-1 is a playable character in the demo under the name of Aogiri.
    • Suprisingly, Aogiri bears a striking resemblance of Aoi from 7th Dragon 2020 as they both have red hair tied in a red sidetail. They even share similar names.


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