Julietta is a main character in the 7th Dragon III Code:VFD.


Japanese Name: ジュリエッタ (Jurietta)

Age: 34

Species: Human

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Blue

Gender: Male?

Status: Deceased (First World), Alive (Rebuilt World)

Cause of Death: Dragon Sickness

First Appearance: Chapter 0

Last Appearance: Chapter 7

Japanese Seiyū:

3DS: Keiji Fujiwara (藤原・啓治)


Nodens · Enterprise section technical section leader. It is a so-called Onane type, and its gestures are all feminine. My real name is Jourouta Tomari. Scientists · Biologists · Entertainers Excellent in all qualities, all of Nodens' technology, including VR game "7th encounter" and his development. Although I belonged to ISDF in the past, Ally was picked up by the desperation of mankind because he was exploited for his own dragon research for the purpose of desire, raised trouble with the upper part and kicked out ISDF and got lost at the streethead . After that, in cooperation with Ally 's plan, I will ask for the evolution of mankind. For that reason I tried to fulfill "Code: VFD", but I did not know Ally's identity and real intention. It survives also when Nodens' entire life is destroyed, and at this time he knows the strength of human's will and regret his actions. Instead of Dr. Nagumo who collapsed in the middle, completed the "Shin Dragon Chronicle", installing "the world itself" to the hero, died after reaching the limit at that time. In the reconstructed world he is president of Nodens. I am aiming for the development of a time machine, and when I heard the story of Ally I can not remember but showed a tears shedding tears.