"An unknown entity that looks like a plush toy. It is in charge of assisting the protagonists both at Nodens and elsewhere. Its outward appearance shows no hint of the sharp tongue it possesses."

— Website Description[1]

Nagamimi is an NPC and a major character in "7th Dragon III Code: VFD". She is also one of your Navigators, alongside Mio.


Japanese Name: ナガミミ (Nagamimi)

Nickname(s): Almighty Nagamimi, Nagamimi-sama, Nagamommy

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female (Confirmed in-game)

Hair Color: Blonde (Human Form)

Eye Color: Pink (Alien Form), Green (Human Form)


Navigator for Unit 13 (formerly)

Worker at the Lucier Cafe (formerly, Drama CD only)

Employee of Nodens Enterprises

Species: Unknown (First world), Human (rebuilt world)

Status: Alive (both worlds)

Japanese Seiyū:

3DS: Yu Kobayashi (小林・ゆう)

Drama CD: Yu Kobayashi (小林・ゆう)

First Appearance: Chapter 0

Last Appearance: Nyadens Crisis!

Appears InEdit

  • Chapter 0
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 3.6
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 5.1
  • Chapter 6 (briefly)
  • Chapter 7
  • 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Drama CD Nyadens Crisis!
  • 「セブンスドラゴンIII code:VFD」ドラマCD冒頭6分試聴


Nagamimi first appears as a plush rabbit, similar to the female Hacker's in 7th Dragon 2020 and 7th Dragon 2020-II. She wears a top hat with a golden snake on it along with a black jacket and pink vest. Additionally, she wears white pants and has a pink ribbon unevenly tied around her left ear. In the rebuilt world, Nagamimi is a human with blonde hair styled in uneven pigtails and green eyes. She wears the same attire as Chika and Rika with a black, frilly dress and pink vest along with black pants and Victorian styled boots. Additionally, in her human form, Nagamimi has a slight cat mouth, though it is hardly noticeable. As a human, Nagamimi is surprisingly very short, managing to be shorter than the Duelist characters and the Female Hacker model in the DLC, Code: Otaku!.


When Unit 13 first meets Nagamimi, she appeared as polite and cute, adding "mimi" onto every sentence (JPN version). However, her true personality is rude and harsh as she uses harsh language in almost everything she says. She also insults people throughout the game, for instance, calling Eigur a punk and addressing Mio as a brat. Though she appears bossy and rude, she actually has shown to care about Unit 13, often showing concern for them at times. Despite her personality and constant stating that she hates humans, Nagamimi is on humanity's side and also wants to get rid of the dragons. She has shown to be a tsundere at times, usually toward Unit 13.


Please be aware of spoilers!

Nagamimi is known as the mascot of Nodens Enterprises. She's also Unit 13's Navigator. She may look cute, but will spit out invective words towards anyone she interacts with. An example is when Unit 13 begins to rescue Atlantis refugees; Nagamimi reluctantly allows it, but tells the protagonist that the blame will fall to her if she is chastised for it.

Her world was destroyed by Dragons, just like Emel and Aytel's. But unlike them, she does not have any magical powers.

She accompanies Unit 13 throughout the game, helping out Unit 13 with the "Dragon Chronicle". After losing everything, Nagamimi joins Unit 13 in the final dungeon, acting as the Navigator for the rest of the game.

In the rebuilt world, Nagamimi is a human. Also, Nagamimi remembers Unit 13's deeds, as well as Mio's.

Chapter 0 Edit

When Mio Nagumo and Yaiba go to 7th Encount, Nagamimi greets them and asks for a ticket in order to get in. Since Yaiba doesn't have a ticket, Mio gives Nagamimi hers and says that Yaiba can come with her. Nagamimi allows them both into 7th Encount. She later appears, saying that Yaiba and her party have been chosen to go into the main office of Nodens. When outside, Nagamimi introduces herself as the 'Almighty Nagamimi" and orders them not to treat her like some cute little rabbit. Mio wonders why Nagamimi is being rude to them, which she explains it's how she really is and how she hates acting proper for work. Nagamimi then takes them to see Ally and Julietta. Mio and Yaiba wonder what's going on, and Nagamimi tells them they have the qualities to fight dragons, Yaiba being a dragon hunter and Mio being a Navigator. Mio leaves as she can't fight, however, Yaiba and her party stay with Nodens. Nagamimi is the one to warn Ally, Julietta, and the newly named Unit 13 that there are dragons attacking. Unit 13 rushes outside and Nagamimi goes after them, saying they'll get themselves killed. After the fight with the High Dragon and the ISDF's appearance, Nagamimi is with Julietta and Ally, saying on how the ISDF will be investigating for sure.

Chapter 1 Edit

Nagamimi acts as Unit 13's Navigator when they are sent to the past in Atlantis. She wishes that they could've explained more and tells Unit 13 on how they are in Atlantis from the past. She also explains about the Lucier and Unit 13's goal to get Nyala's specimen for the Dragon Chronicle. When Unit 13 find a boy poisoned by the Dragonsbane, Nagamimi tells them to leave him and focus on the mission. Unit 13 refuses and begs her to let them take him back to Tokyo. She reluctantly agrees and states that she wasn't showing mercy, and it was because the boy had meat on him and that she'd like to eat him, which Unit 13 thinks she's serious about. Later, Unit 13 finds a dragon as well as a huge stone behind it. After defeating the dragon, Unit 13 is told by Nagamimi to get closer to the stone so she could see what it was. Before they could investigate, Tallieri stops Unit 13 and tells them to leave. Nagamimi says to Unit 13 to not worry about the Lucier and to continue their test and hunt two more dragons. Once their test is over, Yuma and Yoritomo show up, which Nagamimi is upset with for Ally and Julietta allowing the ISDF to use the portal without her permission. Yuma promises to meet Unit 13 again but next time in Tokyo then leaves with Yoritomo. Nagamimi tells Unit 13 to return to Nodens and build their dorm room with the Dz they got from the dragons and report to Ally in the War Room.

Chapter 2Edit

Throughout the chapter, Nagamimi takes the role as Unit 13's Navigator. Unit 13, Yuma, and Yoritomo head to Cladeon, and the ISDF goes ahead. Nagamimi insults the two men then tells Unit 13 to jump onto the floating boulders to reach inner Cladeon. She also reassures Unit 13 to not fall or they'd die and end up splattered everywhere. When Unit 13 hesitates to do so, Nagamimi gets irritated, but says to follow the ISDF's path and that she wouldn't force them to jump, even though they'd eventually have to. When Unit 13 get new recruits, Nagamimi is shown at the residential area of Cladeon, having brought a terminal for them. She also is the one to lecture you on how to use the buddy skills to break enemies. Nagamimi shows up later when Unit 13 confronts Mio, who wants to speak with Ally. Nagamimi tells the receptionist at Nodens to leave Mio to her for she was an 'acquaintance' of hers. She then threatens Mio and demands why she was there. Mio says that she wants to speak to Ally and become Unit 13's Navigator in order to help them. Mio then leaves once she finally gained permission. Once she is gone, Nagamimi tells Unit 13 to get to their dormitory.

Chapter 3Edit

Nagamimi wakes Unit 13 up, telling them to come to the War Room and talk with Ally for she has good news. At the War Room, it is revealed that Mio has became a Navigator alongside Nagamimi. Nagamimi tells Mio that she will now be her subordinate and do as she says. She starts ordering Mio around but is shortly interrupted by Julietta. He calls her an idiot and tells her to stop bossing Mio around. Nagamimi and Mio act as Unit 13's Navigators when they are sent to the Berg Sea Palace to kill Nyala.

Chapter 3.6Edit

Nagamimi is mentioned once by Ally, her saying on how she is busy with the post Atlantis Evacuation process. When Unit 13 is sent to the Tokyo Underground in search of cats for the Cat Café, Nagamimi once again is sent to guide Unit 13. She complains about how stupid the Cat Café idea is and how she thinks it's pointless to look for cats. She also sarcastically suggests to add the Lucier into the café as well. Nagamimi then orders Unit 13 to get their search over with after telling them how many cats there are to find. She doesn't return until Unit 13 finds a tabby cat trying to fight a dragon. Nagamimi calls the cat dumb and orders Unit 13 to save it before it gets ate by the dragon. She later comes back after Unit 13 has gotten all the cats then doesn't come back for the rest of the quest.

Chapter 4Edit

Since Mio is absent from her illness, Nagamimi is the only Navigator Unit 13 has for the chapter. Nagamimi first appears when she orders Unit 13 to get to the War Room, for there's an emergency. She is also present for the strategy meeting when the Dragonsbane spreaded across Tokyo. When Unit 13 goes to Eden, Nagamimi explains to them about the ruins up ahead. Unit 13 heads to the ruins which is sealed off. Nagamimi tells them to talk to the people around Eden and see if they know anything. She appears again when Unit 13 meets Emel, Brijilt, Sailas, and Nagiri in the guild hall. When the group goes back to the ruins, Nagamimi points out on how the ruins are actually the same one from Atlantis. She tells Unit 13 to not worry, for they have the queen of Atlantis with them at Tokyo. Sailas asks Unit 13 who they are talking to and they show him the Nodens Watch. He is shocked and gasps at the sight of a "weird rabbit". Nagamimi quickly takes offense and lashes at Sailas for his comment. When Unit 13 returns to Tokyo, Nagamimi tells them to talk to Ulania then make a progress report to Ally. She returns when Unit 13 goes back to Eden with Ulania and continues her role as Navigator. Nagamimi is the one that upgraded the portal and sent Unit 13 a terminal when they get new recruits.

Chapter 5Edit

Nagamimi first appears telling Unit 13 to report to the War Room for another strategy meeting. She is later shown along with Ally, Julietta, the ISDF, and the group from Eden where they discussed about Emel and Preloma. After the meeting, Unit 13 meets up with everyone at Portal. They try to discuss a plan, yet are shortly interrupted by Mio. Nagamimi is annoyed by Mio’s sudden appearance and asks her why she is here. Mio tells her that she has a plan and that she has recovered most of the map of Preloma. Nagamimi is impressed by Mio’s skills and decides to let her navigate as a test to prove herself. Nagamimi and Mio navigate for Unit 13 throughout Preloma, telling them where to find the High Dragons and Emel, who is turning into the 4th True Dragon. After Emel is killed by Unit 13, Nagamimi tells Unit 13 to return to Nodens.

Chapter 5.1Edit

Nagamimi doesn't formally appear in the three main quests, but she is in some of the side quests.

Chapter 6 Edit

Nagamimi is shown with Ally, asking if her job as Unit 13's navigator is now over. Ally says it is and that Unit 13 doesn't need a guide anymore. Nagamimi is very pleased that she doesn't have to watch over them "brats" anymore then says that she is going to go catch up with her sleep. Before she leaves, she tells Ally that she won't be getting in her way and to not underestimate Unit 13, for she is an idiot if she does so.

Mio later asks Julietta where Nagamimi was. Julietta replies that she could be with ND or that she could be somewhere dead. Mio takes his answer and then says that she's the only navigator left.

Chapter 7 Edit

After the world is destroyed and Unit 13 absorbs everything, Nagamimi returns as their guide. She explains that Unit 13 now has to fight the 7th True Dragon, VFD. When she and Unit 13 are in the Grateful Seventh, Nagamimi creates a portal for Unit 13. She tells them that the portal will take them back to Nodens at a time before everyone died, however, nothing in there is real.

Nagamimi navigates Unit 13 through the Grateful Seventh and reveals the figure that had been following them to be Iod.

DLC QuestsEdit

Nagamimi appears in almost every DLC quest except Allie's Death March and To My Beloved Unit 13.

Code: Lucier!

Nagamimi guides Unit 13 when they are chasing after the Lucier girl. She also is with Unit 13 when the Lucier is caught and presented to Hiro. Hiro pets the cat girl while saying "fluff" thus leading to Nagamimi calling him a "motherfluffer".

Nyadens Crisis! Edit

Nagamimi is one of the main six characters in the Drama CD.

Dates Edit

Nagamimi is a dating candidate and the one who gives you a Duelist weapon. In order to date her, you must complete the quest, A Purr-fect Gathering, and get her ID from the bento she gives you located in the dormitory. You also must upgrade the Skylounge to level 3 in order to have the final date. On the third date, after Nagamimi and Unit 13 have a moment of pleasure, she gives you a Duelist weapon, Volume EX.


"Yokosou mimi!" (よこそうミミ)(Yokosou: Welcome)-Chapter 1

"That was one odd motherfluffer."- (Code: Lucier DLC)

"When in doubt, go to the War Room." (Chapter 5)

"NEGAIIIII" (Negai (願い) : Wish) (chapter 7)

"Don't come crying to your Nagamommy later saying there were things you needed to do!" (Chapter 5.1)

"I am the Almighty Nagamimi." (Almost every chapter)

"It's me, the Almighty Nagamimi." (Chapter 7)

"Huh? You want me to go to your room?" (Chapter 5.1)

"You're still here!? We're done for today! You're dismissed!" (Chapter 2)

"Is that perverted four-eyes still looking at me?" (Chapter 4)

"Oi, kore de owari ja nai darou.(おい、これで終わりじゃないだろう。)" (Translation: Hey, this is not the end.)- Game Over

"I'm offended that you thought I was serious."-Chapter 1

"Julietta never tells me anything!"-Chapter 2

"I've never done this before, gentle with it?"-Third date

"Baka. (馬鹿)"(Translation: Idiot)-Almost every chapter (depends on choice)

"Why don't we shove some Lucier in there too?"-Chapter 3.6

"Nande. (なんで)" (Translation: Why)-Chapter 4 & 5

"What're you looking at, pervert? It's your fault I look like this!" Nagamimi to Unit 13 in Chapter 7

“Hurry up and kick that dragon’s ass!” Nagamimi to Unit 13

Additional InformationEdit

  • In the third date with Nagamimi and Unit 13, it is revealed that she does not have any powers
  • Nagamimi gives Unit 13 a Duelist weapon when you date her
  • Ironically, Nagamimi says that she hates humans despite becoming one herself
  • Her design was based off of the female Hacker in 7th Dragon 2020 (confirmed by Shirow Miwa)
  • For some reason, she does not like cats
  • She refers to herself as the "Almighty Nagamimi" (Nagamimi-sama in the Japanese version) almost all the time
  • Though it is unofficial, it is implied that Nagamimi could be in a relationship with Yaiba

•On the third date, it's implied that they had done suggestive activities together

•Yaiba is the reason Nagamimi is currently a human

•The jealous man (who usually wants things that Unit 13 has) says in the epilogue, "I wish I had a girlfriend."

•Yaiba flirts with Nagamimi and even checks her out when she becomes a human in the epilogue

•The sticker that comes with the game (Japanese version only) shows Yaiba with Nagamimi

  • She does not like being called a rabbit
  • In her alien form, she can't eat human food.
  • Her former planet was destroyed by dragons
  • She does not have powers
  • In Chapter 7, Nagamimi creates a portal to return to an alternate version of the old world before everyone was killed.
  • Nagamimi appears on the DLC menu for both purchased and unpurchased content
  • A doll of Nagamimi is available as a free DLC that is placed in Unit 13's dormitory after downloaded. Oddly enough, Nagamimi (human form) has the same doll in the promotional sticker and in a drawing Shirow Miwa gave to Nagamimi's voice actor, Yuu Kobayashi.
  • Her voice is surprisingly high-pitched
  • In the Drama CD, Nagamimi says “bosatsu” (菩薩) twice, which is the Japanese word for the Buddhism term “Bodhisattva”



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