Nagiri is a supporting character in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and a main character in the Drama CD

Nagiri thumb

Information Edit

Japanese Name: ナギリ (Nagiri)

Age: 19

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Green

Species: Lucier

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Dragon Sickness

Japanese Seiyu:

3DS: N/A

Drama CD: Masumi Asano

First Appearance: Chapter 4

Last Appearance: Drama CD

Chapter 4Edit

Nagiri appears in the guild hall, along with Brijilt, Sailas, and Emel. She also joins Unit 13, along with Sailas and Brijilt, when they go to find the High Dragon

Additional InformationEdit

  • Her page on the Visual Collection reveals her full name. Translated, her full name is Nagiri Nazuna.

Gallery Edit

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