Rune Knight A
A swordsman that uses a small knife as a medium to conjure and wield ethereal, arcane blades. They can protect not just themselves, but their allies as well, using skills to restore the party’s health or shore up everyone’s magical defenses. Boasting the highest defense of all classes, they are any party’s stalwart guardian.
— Website Description[1]

"A magical knight cloaked in mystic aura", Rune-Knight is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, based on the past timeline and available from Chapter 2 after reaching Lower Ward Cladeon.


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『ルーンナイト』紹介ムービー

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『ルーンナイト』紹介ムービー


Rune-Knights are mighty front line magical warriors with an incredible amount of LIFE and overall good defenses. They're very strong when it comes to deal magic damage meaning this class can easily replace any magic/elemental damage dealer like Duelists, Fortuners or Mages. A Rune-Knight character can play multiple roles: it can attract enemy blows to protect the party acting as a tank and backup healer, or become one of the most devastating damage dealers a party can have.


When you first obtain access to the Rune-Knight, one very important thing to note is their Knight's Grace being a group healing skill, reducing your party's reliance on Aloe items to stay fresh. Provoke is nice for drawing attacks away from the party, but just take care not to have the Rune-Knight take too much damage and die in the process. It is also good to invest in strong armor for tank builds.

Once you access 2nd tier skills, the Rune-Knight's power grows significantly. Drain Sword becomes a staple, doing good magic damage on top of healing the Rune-Knight especially after taking a brunt of the enemy's attacks. Aspir Sword literally costs no MN at all, effectively allowing him to have bottomless MN to back up Drain Sword's cost or to endlessly heal with Knight's Grace. Knight's Gaze also becomes helpful in cleansing most ailments once enough investment is put into it.

The Rune-Knight's power reaches its peak with Brave Sword. Not only does it have immense base damage, but it grows increasingly more powerful with a higher raw LF deducted from executing the attack. This means that skills that increase the Rune-Knight's base health like Life Oath and LIFE Bonus can also tremendously improve the damage done by Brave Sword. Keeping the Rune-Knight healthy while spamming Brave Sword is a common strategy for massive DPS.

In inactive teams, the Rune-Knight is one of the fastest-charging classes. Their Buddy skill decreases enemy MDF, which can be good for supporting MAT-based attackers, but if one creates backup teams consisting of 6 Rune-Knights, it is possible to create a Unison attack where all 6 of them unload full-power Brave Swords on a target, presenting unparalleled burst damage that can level bosses as soon as turn 3. All this makes the Rune-Knight one of the stronger classes to choose from.

Recommended party members:

  • God-Hands pair very well with Rune-Knights due to priority healing. This lets them quickly patch up a Rune-Knight after they have taken a barrage of enemy attacks, or refill their LF in order to unleash a full power Brave Sword for massive damage. ATK Acupressure can even amplify the Rune-Knight's power to greater heights, while DEF Acupressure synergizes with Provoke to improve longevity.
  • Mages in inactive teams have a support skill that increases MAT of the 1st Team, which can dramatically boost the damage output of the Rune-Knight.


1st TierEdit

  • LIFE Bonus: Bonus to max LF.
  • MANA Bonus: Bonus to max MN.
  • Ice Sword: Medium ice damage/Freeze: one.
  • Lightning Sword: Medium lightning damage/Paralyze: one.
  • Provoke: Enmity . Instant.
  • Knight's Grace: Restore LF: all allies.
  • Aura Shield: MDF : all allies. 3 turns. Instant.
  • Life Oath: Own max LF . 3 turns.
  • Substitute: DEF/MDF . Block single-target attacks. Instant.
  • Vital Protection: Auto. MDF : all allies. 3 turns.

2nd TierEdit

  • Drain Sword: High magic damage/LF absorb: one.
  • Aspir Sword: Medium magic damage/MN absorb: one.
  • Ice Enchant: Add ice damage to all ally attacks. Instant.
  • Lightning Enchant: Add lightning damage to all ally attacks. Instant.
  • Vengeful Sword: Attack/Bleed: one. Low LF = high damage.
  • Knight's Wrath: Magic damage based on number of fallen allies.
  • Knight's Gaze: Cure Sleep, Burn, Freeze, Paralysis: all.
  • Clench: Survive one fatal blow.
  • Toughness React: Chance of +1 turn if LF is <5%. 4 turns.

3rd TierEdit

  • Brave Sword: LF 50% . Magic damage based on LF taken.
  • Berserk: Random frenzy attack: all. MAT/SPD . 3 turns.
  • Knight's Pride: Auto. Counter upon death.
  • Odin's Rage: EX Skill. Massive damage/Freeze/LF absorb: one.


Trivia Edit

  • Rune-Knight is a remade version of 7th Dragon first game's Knight class.
  • Female Rune-Knight A1 is a playable character in the 7th Dragon III demo.
    • She is under the name of Urye.


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