Samurai A
A swordsman of the east whose attack and defense are equally balanced. They are adept with two different forms of swordplay: using longswords, or dual blades. Depending on their weapon of choice, they have access to a different range of skills.
— Website Description[1]

"A multi-disciplined master of swordplay", Samurai is one of the eight classes of 7th Dragon III Code: VFDbased on the present timeline and available from the start. 


「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『サムライ』紹介ムービー

「セブンスドラゴンIII code VFD」職業『サムライ』紹介ムービー

Overwiew Edit

Samurai excel in dealing physical damage, they have an average physical defense but they are weak to magic attacks. This class can be equipped with two type of sword: single wield Katana and dual wield Dual Blades. Depending on which weapon you choose Samurai will have access to different set of skills. Single wield Katana users can deal massive physical damage and inflict an useful bleed status ailment, while dual wield users have a fire magic skill and other situational advantages. All type of Samurai can also heal by themselves and have the most powerful react skill in the game. This is a very well balanced class.

Strategy Edit

If you want to build a good Samurai character always remember to put some skill point in LIFE and MANA Bonus because this class starting life and mana points are pretty low. However if you have a Fortuner, a Mage or a Duelist in your party with mana restoring skill you don't have to worry about mana. 

Jinka React is the most powerful react skill in the game so when you unlock it just max it out. Cast it in the first turn of a fight and you'll get Extra Turn easily when they hit you. To maximize your react chance try to not equip your Samurai with any DEF boost ring although a MDF boost ring won't hurt. Go for ATK/MAT boost accessories instead. 

Please note that taking Samurai's Invigorate skill to level 5 (need check) it's very important because it will recover not only LF but also all bad status ailments on self.

DON'T use Moon Stance. It makes Samurai's Enmity grow and enemies target those with higher Enmity first. Samurai are NOT tanks (they don't have high DEF or LF) so if their Enmity goes up things are gonna get worse. If you want an ATK boost skill choose Red Flame Exhale instead. Solid Stance is great but it powers up your attacks and status infliction rate just for the next turn so it's better if used in an Extra Turn and then paired with Power Bolt Drop (or Earth Splitter EX skill if you want to be absolutely OP).

  • Single wield Samurai: This is a very simple build. Don't waste your skill point on Whirlwind. When it unlocks choose Garuda Whirlwind instead. Power Bolt Drop is your best friend, it does high damage and inflict bleed, also skill point cost to max out is cheaper than any other physical damage skill. You can actually ignore everything else, but if you have a Fortuner in your party you may want Destructive Sweep to lower enemy ailment resistance and to do decent damage. To being able to use it, you must first switch to Sheathed Stance, so think about spending some point into this skill too. You can also power up Unsheated Stance to go back to your previous skill set. Serpent Thrust does the same damage as Power Bolt Drop but it doesn't inflict any status ailment so I don't think it's worth it. Sixteen Hand Slash does slighty more damage but you have to switch to Sheated. 
  • Dual wield Samurai: For this build you won't need to spend point in Sheated or Unsheated Stance because the dual wielder doesn't need to switch between them to use certain skills. First, power up Maple Tear to hit hard enemy weak to fire and Aerial Slash to deal with flying enemies. Cyclone dance is good to fight those annoying monster spawning in dungeons or against EX Seeds. Hidden Shadow and Poplar Admiral are physical damage skills. Hidden Shadow lets you act first and you have a chance to stun enemies while Poplar Admiral does more damage. Go with Windy Canopy ONLY if you have other elemental magic damage dealer in your party. This skill lets you attack after someone elemental magic hit by using the same element: with this, Samurai can deal Ice and Lighting damage even if they normally can't. 
  • Switch Samurai: If you want your Samurai to use both single wield and dual wield skill sets the only way is to change weapons in the inventory before a fight. In fact, you can spend skill points in both single and dual wield trees but you can use them only with the right weapon. If a boss is weak to some element or is a flying enemy switch to Dual Blades, if not take Katana. Doing this means that you have to spend skill points only in few skills you actually need because you won't have enough points to max everything out until post game. Dual Blade key skills are Maple Tear, Aerial Slash and Windy Canopy. Katana key skill is Power Bolt Drop, plus Sheated/Unsheated Stance if you want Destructive Sweep by your side. Remember to go for Invigorate and Jinka React too.

Suggested party members: Samurai is a very stand-alone class so it can be paired with pretty much anyone. However, Fortuner is a good partner because has Following React that works very well with Jinka React. Also, if a Samurai has Destructive Sweep, Fortuner status ailment infliction rate will be much higher.

Skills Edit

Single Wield: Edit

  • Whirlwind: Unsheathed. Random attack x3: all. Mana cost: 3
  • Power Bolt Drop: Unsheathed. High dmg/Bleed: one. Mana cost: 5
  • Garuda Whirlwind: Unsheathed. High dmg: all. Mana cost: 6
  • Serpent Thrust: Unsheathed. High dmg thrust attack: one. Mana cost: 10
  • Destructive Sweep: Sheathed. High dmg/ailment resist : one. Mana cost: 7
  • Sixteen Hand Slash: Sheathed. Very high dmg/crit: one. Mana cost: 10
  • Earth Splitter: Sword EX Skill. Massive dmg/Bleed: all. Mana cost: 30

Dual Wield: Edit

  • Aerial Slash: Medium dmg: one. Strong v. flying enemies. Mana cost: 3
  • Maple Tear: Fire dmg/Burn: one. Imbue normal attacks w/fire. Mana cost: 5
  • Cyclone Dance: Random attack x6: all. Mana cost: 3
  • Windy Canopy: Follow up after ally elemental attack. Instant. Mana cost: 6
  • Hidden Shadow: High dmg/Stun: one. Instant. Mana cost: 7
  • Poplar Admiral: Very high dmg: one. Mana cost: 10
  • Fallen Blossom: Dual Blade EX Skill. Massive dmg: one. Mana cost: 25

Shared Skills: Edit

  • Fighting Spirit: Auto. High dmg at battle start: all. Mana cost: 0
  • Invigorate: Restore own LF. Instant. Mana cost: 2
  • Red Flame Exhale: ATK ↑ at turn end. 10 turns. Mana cost: 2
  • Black Steel Inhale: DEF ↑ at turn end. 10 turns. Mana cost: 2
  • Focus Breathing: Max LF ↑: all allies. 6 turns. Mana cost: 5
  • Solid Stance: ATK/ailment inflict rate ↑ next attack. Mana cost: 15
  • Moon Stance: ATK/Enmity ↑. 3 turns. Instant. Mana cost: 5
  • Sheathed Stance: Unsheathed➝Sheathed. Dmg: one. Mana cost: 2
  • Unsheathed Stance: Sheathed➝Unsheathed. Dmg: one. Mana cost: 2
  • Blade of Rage: Auto. Revenge attack if ally is defeated. Mana cost: 0
  • Jinka React: Chance of +1 turn when taking high dmg. 4 turns. Mana cost: 2


Trivia Edit

  • The official names of the Samurai class members are Yaiba (Female A), Kirika (Female B), Yamato (Male A), and Gin (Male B).
  • The female Samurai models are a staple for the cover of every game in the series.
  • The Samurai class is the only class to remain the same throughout the series.
  • Male Samurai A-1 (Yamato) is a playable character in the 7th Dragon III demo.
  • Female Samurai A-1 (Yaiba) is a playable character in the 7th Dragon III demo.


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