• I am....not here! 

    I am pretty much retired and am a producer like existence. haha. I did pass on the admin powers to you and stuff, so now I'm only there for a mention in the end roll credits lol.

    Should be obvious to you by now, but I only stop by once in a rare blue moon> this time was coincidence, I logged on to edit something in the yugioh wiki ( i just had to)

    Hope you're doing well! Hope you're having fun!!! 

    And YEAH! I NOTICED!! I dont wiki much anymore but I do keep up daily with gaming news!~

    VFD is getting a western release!.....but 2020 series isn't. I can understand why tho, since Hatsune Miku may have some 'western legal issues". Damn shame since DIVA mode made everything more awesome. But It's nice to see something for EN at least!! 

    Lol, I getcha. I just ordered the JPN ver of limited ver of VFD on Amazon a year late, but I only managed to get the money now, plus Im not playing games that often recently (in a gaming slump now...sigh....). Oh, but I am pretty busy since I'm starting my 2nd year of college in September and transferring to a JPN located one at the same time! Dream come true! But Im socially nervous. Gonna lose some weight thru exercise before going over. Didnt have any time to exercise in last term of 1st year >X<' and gained weight....ugu.....

    I'm just passing by! & Cyas next blue moon, I'll leave this full ver of the op song with you~ tho you've prolly heard it already[http://

    I said Im just passing by, but I type long. Haha, I think you're used to my long responses by now. I just cant control myself.... *Mild Spoiler: I didnt expect VFD to connect all three timelines in one game. Holy dragon shet.

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    • YOU COULD'VE AT LEAST SAID SOMETHING BEFORE but yeah, I understand. I myself am only checking the wiki time to time because... well, I'm clueless on what to edit lol.

      I'm super happy about it coming to the west! The only problem is that I live in Europe xd SEGA show us some love too! And yeah, it's a darn shame that the 2020 series didn't make it. I don't think the problem lies in Miku, as SEGA technically "owns" her in the gaming department. With the death of PSP, I'd be surprised if they did localize it.

      Speaking of 2020, I finally got to test 2020 out! I was able to beat the game with a Hacker - Psychic - Destroyer team. Counter + veils are so OP.

      I can understand your situation. It's a huge thing and the only thing I can do is to give you my best wishes. And while you're at it, don't impulse eat delicious sweets you see, you hear? I'll hear 'bout your result on the next blue moon!

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