• Heya, I'm an admin over at the Phantasy Star wiki. Unfortunately I don't know very much about the 7th Dragon franchise, but we did have a game that crossed over with the VFD game recently. I'd upload the images myself over here but I'm not sure if any of the 7th Dragon wikis have a reference section.

    If you wanna check out the images in question, you can see them on this page: Character Chips in PSO2es#7th Dragon III: Code VFD. Feel free to use them to your leisure. I didn't know a wiki for those characters existed yet until I stumbled on the DS 7th Dragon wiki. I'll definitely make an interwiki link that leads here so that the es fans can check this place out if they're curious about it (I do love the art style for these games!).

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    • It's quite neat for Sega to do these kinds of crossovers! You're free to add a trivia section about this here. o3o

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    • Oh yeah definitely! Sega Japan is very quirky about their crossovers especially with pso2. It's pretty hard to keep up with all these ips I've never heard of before but I'm glad they're getting exposure. And that's great, thanks! I'll see if I can write a few lines.

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