• i get the feeling we were talking about 2020 wikia merge or something but cant seem to find conversation of that ? O-o where did that happen or did i just dream that?

    btw just passing by again to mention i applied for my one time only user name change to Yukari 2020 (you know where the numbers came fromlol), but  feel free to continue calling me Lire, whatever's convenient for ya :3

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    • It happened in the 2020 wiki :p and gotcha, I'll just continue call you Lire since I'm used to it.

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    • oh yeah i forgot :3 haha

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    • Just a little update, I've abandoned the idea of merging. There's too much work revolving around it xd

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    • That's alright, I forgot about that myself lol 

      recently got a 3DS LL (JP ver of XL) b/c I wanted a bigger screen for nintendo portable games (I only ever play portable nowadays and avoid online when possible)

      7th Dragon III (JP ver)> I stopped playing partway thru the Atlantis chapter.

      Pokemon Sun+Moon: (i won sun ver in a free online contest, currently playing moon)

      Trying to recover my F/Grand Order account but worried that I might lose some information if I recover it thru support request rather than finding the binding code which I've left somewhere (if not thrown away!) in my house in US)

      bought alot of stuff while being a transfer student in japan, currently wondering what's a good way to send everything back to the US...

      No idea why I posted a update of what I'm playing xD

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    • Oh wow, moving to a new country on top of accustoming yourself to the language and culture must be really stressful, but it seems like you're doing alright! Personally taking it really slow, just enjoying my winter break until school starts again.

      I should've played 7th Dragon III and Pokemon Moon at this point... but MMORPGs and mobile games are eating away all my time lol. Hopefully the new year won't make me too busy, cuz I really want the former ASAP so I can finally work on the wiki.

      Hope you stay healthy and happy new year btw!

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